612 Callahan Road
Dalton, GA 30721

Phone: 706-277-2288

612 Callahan Road
Dalton, GA 30721

Phone: 706-277-2288

Providing value-added solutions for the most demanding customers

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Our people are our competitive advantage

Dalton Box designs and creates packaging solutions for ease of packing, to protect products during shipping, and to accelerate sales on the retail shelf.

Dalton Box designs and creates packaging solutions for ease of packing, to protect products during shipping, and to accelerate sales on the retail shelf.

Package Design

We have a complete design facility with an expert staff committed to creating the best solutions to your packaging challenges. Our Design Lab has state-of-the-art sample making equipment and software to produce quality samples and offer you cost-effective, high-performance packaging that meets today’s stringent standards.

Assembly & Fulfillment

Our Hand-Assembly department is an experienced crew well-versed in efficiently tackling labor-intensive packaging applications. These tasks help remove costly labor from your operations, increase packing and handling speeds on your production lines, and eliminate damage and handling issues when your products are packed.

Vendor Managed Inventory

We offer pack-out and fulfillment services, packaging audits, electronic order options, and vendor managed inventories. With our dedicated logistics support, we can provide quick order turnaround and control timely scheduling for Just in Time (JIT) delivery options.

At Dalton Box we are experts at expendable automotive packaging.

Our Core Values

  • Implement solutions that, over time, lead to reductions in overall costs
  • Stay ahead of the curve, bringing fresh ideas to the table, and developing cost-savings opportunities
  • Be responsive and flexible in all markets
  • Offer Total Inventory Management Support – we will help optimize your packaging chain
  • Deliver a high level of service and value – equal to your best supplier of any product
  • Provide timely, accurate information and are accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Offer assistance and solutions beyond our current product offerings
  • Supply the same level of service at multiple locations

Why Work With Dalton?

Best Value

Since 1977, Dalton Box has provided the best value in packaging. We work closely with you to identify continuous cost-saving opportunities to meet your objectives.


Our unmatched customer service and high level of support separate Dalton Box from the competition. Each member of our staff is committed to finding tools and solutions to help you achieve success.


Through the combined co-operation of all the Schwarz Group companies, we have the resources of a larger, integrated company, while maintaining our entrepreneurial ability to adjust quickly to the marketplace.https://www.daltonbox.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=2&action=edit#save


Dalton Box has the flexibility to respond to your unique timing needs, even custom and emergency packaging. We offer Warehousing, Inventory Control, and Just-in-Time delivery capabilities.

We are confident we can find the right solution for your business. The breadth of our solutions and affiliation with the Schwarz Group family of companies ensures we can handle all your packaging needs, from design to delivery, enabling you to focus on your business!

Nashville Packaging is the Nashville-area sales and distribution division of Dalton Box. For more than 15 years, we have delivered packaging solutions to customers in the Nashville market. We have a customer service focused team in Nashville led by Cody Ramthun in sales and Lloyd Waldron at the 40,000+ sq ft distribution center. All products for Nashville Packaging are manufactured at our sheet plant in Dalton, Ga. The entire team in Dalton – management, design, accounting, HR – is built to support our Nashville business.

Our Facility

Our Dalton facility boasts more than 150,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space and has been in operation since 1977. The Dalton Box main offices are located here, including our customer service department, design center, sample-making division, and state-of-the-art equipment and processes.

The Schwarz Group Connection

No organization offers a broader approach to your packaging requirements than the Schwarz Group. Founded in 1998, the Schwarz Group has created a strong, regional organization of service-oriented packaging suppliers in the Midwest and Southeast US. The Royal Group, a division of Schwarz Partners, has grown into one of the largest Independent manufacturers of corrugated products and distributors of packaging supplies in the world. Royal has accomplished this by exceeding the expectations of even the most demanding packaging customers. For our customers, the benefit of our affiliation with Schwarz Partners and the Royal Group is the access we receive to a network of packaging companies operated in an entrepreneurial environment, which is backed by many of the same resources as a large integrated company. See the Schwarz Group website for more information on our unique way of doing business.

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